Miss Candi              Miss Taylor              Miss Brooke                        

                                                               Owner                     Director            Assistant Director




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Miss Megan Lead Infant Teacher


Igraduated from Oakland University with a degree in

Elementary Education with an endorsement in mathematics. 



I have worked in childcare for 6 years with almost 4 years at KiddieKlub. I have worked closely with toddlers and infants, however, I have worked with all ages throughout my time at KiddieKlub and through my fieldwork in school-age classrooms at Oakland University. I have also coached a dance team for 7 years and have worked with students from 3 years old to 6th grade!


About Me

Working with children has always been a passion of mine. I knew I wanted to be a teacher since I was in Elementary school. As a senior in high school, I began coaching dance and absolutely fell in love with working with children. I have been at KiddieKlub since 2016 and absolutely love it here! Outside of KiddieKlub I love traveling, kayaking, going to concerts, and spending time with my friends and family!

Miss Morgan Lead Toddler 1 Teacher


I graduated from Albion College with a Bachelors degree in

English emphasis on Creative Writing and a minor in

Educational Studies.



I have worked in daycares and early childhood centers for four years and babysit children of all ages. During my time at KiddieKlub, I have gained experience in all the classrooms. I have also had several field experiences in elementary and early childhood settings while in school. I love working with children and watching them reach milestones as they grow!


About Me

I have always known I wanted to work with children. It is so rewarding, even on the crazy days. Forming relationships with them, gaining their trust, and seeing their constant growth is one of the best feelings. I have been at KiddieKlub since 2015 and love being a part of the team here! Outside of KiddieKlub, I love hanging out with my family and friends, going to concerts, and traveling! 

Miss Jazmen Lead Toddler 2 Teacher 


I studied Elementary Education with a focus on Early Childhood

Development at Wayne State University. 



I have enjoyed working and mentoring children since high school! I have volunteered within the public school system, junior coached cheerleading, instructed martial arts,  and started a mentoring program while at Wayne State. I have worked in childcare since 2017 mostly with infants and toddlers, but I've had the chance to work with all age groups! I have been at KiddieKlub for a year starting as an assistant in the Toddler 1 room, and later moved to the Toddler 2 classroom as the Lead Teacher.


About Me

Outside of the Toddler 2 classroom, I enjoy nature, reading, knitting, binge watching movies and shows, spending time with family, friends and my 10 year old turtle Bruno.

Infant Assistants

                 Miss Maggie           Miss Emma






               Miss Katherine          Miss Amy

Toddler 1 Assistants

                 Miss Surbhi           Miss Marissa





                  Miss Alice             Miss Becca

                              Miss Maggie

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Toddler 2 Assistants

                 Miss Ashley            Miss Kayla


                 Miss Juliana        Miss Mackenzie

                                 Miss Jenna

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Young Preschool Assistants

                 Miss Taylor K        Miss Melisa

Miss Deven

Miss Clarke Lead Young Preschool Teacher 


I graduated from Central Michigan University in May 2018, with a

Bachelors of Applied Arts Degree in Child Development and




I have worked with children in so many different settings! I have babysat children since I was in High School and have previously worked in daycares before coming to KiddieKlub. I also volunteer at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, where I regularly engage with pediatric patients to try and make their hospital stays as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. Since I have been at KiddieKlub, I have been fortunate enough to work in almost every classroom so that has really helped me continue to gain further experience with children of various ages and developmental levels. I have learned and grown so much since coming here and have built so many wonderful relationships with a lot of the kids. I love being able to come in every day excited because of all the amazing kiddos that I get to interact with!  


About Me

I absolutely love working with young children and being able to form emotional relationships with them. I love being able to see them grow both cognitively and emotionally, and it is incredibly rewarding knowing that I can help them achieve various milestones while they are enrolled at KiddieKlub. In the future, I hope to continue working with young children through becoming a Child Life Specialist! I have been with KiddieKlub since August of 2018 and started out as an Assistant Teacher in the Toddler classrooms, before excitingly becoming Lead Teacher of Young Preschool when the room opened up in late April! Being able to lead this classroom has been such a rewarding experience, and I absolutely adore all my kiddos. When I am not working, I love volunteering at Children’s Hospital of Michigan, taking yoga classes, traveling with friends & family, and spending time with my Black Lab named Winston! 

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Preschool Assistants

          Miss Amber             Miss Cassie           

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Miss Monica Lead Preschool Teacher 


I am currently a student at Wayne State University where I am 

studying Elementary Education with a focus in Language Arts. I

have an Associates Degree in General Studies from Macomb

Community College. I am also currently taking care courses

focused in Early Childhood. I am beyond excited for the educational, joyful, and caring experiences that are quickly coming towards our Preschool classroom! 


I have always had a passion for younger children. My passion for guiding and teaching started young. When I was in elementary school I was in a buddy program, where as a fifth grader I was paired up with a younger child and helped them around school, played with them and cared for them. In high school I was part of a program called Link Crew, where as a Senior I was the mentor for incoming Freshmen. My goal and job was to help make their transition into high school easier. While I was wrapping up my Senior year I volunteered at Green Elementary in the L'Anse Creuse district and in my second year at Macomb, I shadowed in a fifth grade classroom. As an educator, I am hoping to bring some extra happiness into the lives of children, even if it is only for eight hours a day, five days a week. 


About Me

I have been in the Preschool classroom at KiddieKlub for a year, and I have been in love with my job since I began. KiddieKlub has become a home away from home, and I am so grateful for the opportunity given to me to care and educate our students! 

PreK Assistants

        Miss Maria            Miss Amber         

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Amber K.jpg

Miss Sam Lead PreK Teacher


I graduated from Oakland University in April 2019 with a

Bachelor of Arts degree in both Political Science and History.

Currently, I am pursuing my Master of Arts in Teaching for

Secondary Education with the hopes of teaching history or

government for high school. Eventually, I hope to achieve a

Masters degree in Education Policy to work in the government sector under the Department of Education. Essentially, I love school and cannot see my time in the classroom as a student ending anytime soon.



My experience in child care began at Kiddie Klub when I worked at the Crooks Rd. location for 2 years in the beginning of my undergraduate degree. Mainly, I worked in the Preschool room as an assistant teacher and I loved it! I was sad to leave but I knew I would find my way back to KK eventually. During my 2 year stint of being away, I worked as nanny for a 3 year old and two 4 year olds, I found my passion for working with children grew. I have been at the Rochester location since April and I have worked in every single classroom to gain better experience of children at all ages. 


My position as Lead Teacher in the PreK classroom seemed to just fall into place as I moved into the room full-time at the beginning of the school year. As our center awaited finding a Lead in the room to takeover, I decided that I would love the position and that I just needed to know how to achieve it. I began by taking the early childhood courses online through The Care Courses School and I stepped into the role seamlessly. I can easily say that this job has kept me on my toes and has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The children are growing right before my eyes and most days, it is hard to believe that they are so young but SO smart. 


About Me

Although, the future plan is working with older students my love for teaching and fostering growth is the component that allows me to work with any age. Outside of the classroom, I spend a lot of time focusing on my school work and my other job which is a Graduate Assistant at OU. The kiddos are often asking me about my days at college and if I have lots of toys at school. Beyond that, I love to read to which I have almost achieved my goal of 100 books in a year! I am extremely close with my family & friends, and often I can be found at a concert or shopping.