At KiddieKlub, we believe that children learn best through a balanced combination of hands-on, free exploration, constructive, open-ended and self-directed play, and teacher-directed experiences. We provide endless age-appropriate opportunities for children to discover, ask questions, and explore through a variety of mind-stimulating experiences. We believe it is important to support and encourage children with a “can-do” attitude, laughter and love, and are inspired by the quote, “believe in yourself, and everything is possible.”


      We support each child’s individual and unique learning style and allow children to comfortably develop at their own pace. Our highly educated and nurturing teachers use an open-ended, emergent curriculum, developed to educate the whole child and provide a variety of learning experiences which meet the individual needs of each child, strengthening and developing new skills in their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical areas of development. We feel it is important for children to have a practical sense of the world around them and fill our classrooms with materials that offer real-life, hands-on experiences to children. We encourage children’s creativity, problem-solving skills, a positive self-image, and provide them with a life-long love of learning through positive reinforcement.


      We believe it is essential to build strong relational bonds between our students, their parent(s)/guardian(s), and their caregivers. By providing open communication and creating a team between caregivers and parent(s)/guardian(s), we have the opportunity to provide ongoing learning at home and outside of the classroom, along with an increased amount of consistency in the lives of the children we interact with.

About the Owner


   I am so fortunate to love what I do and do what I love! Caring for children has been a passion of mine my entire life and I am truly blessed to be living my childhood dream. My passion in the field has only continued to grow over the years and spreads deep into the relationships that are built with the children, their families, the community, and with my team of teachers. After graduating from Central Michigan University with my Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education, I worked as a Lead Teacher in both Toddler and Preschool/PreK Classrooms then began my adventure as a Director.


     As a mom of three wonderful girls, I know just how hard it can be to leave your children with someone else. I take pride in having created a space where your children will know they are loved, respected, and perfect just as they are. A place that you, as parents, will feel at home, at ease, and so comfortable leaving your children.  It is important to me that we build a relationship with your whole family and that you have trust in me and my team. We incorporate modern technology into our program to offer you more of an opportunity to stay connected with your child(ren) throughout the day!  


      I share a strong belief that if children know they are loved and feel comfortable in their environment, that learning comes naturally. I, along with my team, continuously work to provide children with an environment that is warm, friendly, and feels like home. KiddieKlub offers them the opportunity to have fun, to use their creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and to do what they do best - be a kid! I want KiddieKlub to be a place that they know is theirs. A place where their teachers and peers encourage positive interactions and experiences. A place they look forward to attending every day. A place that their love for learning will develop and where their desire to learn, explore and discover the world around them will always flourish! 

      KiddieKlub has always, and will always be home to me and my family. Outside of KiddieKlub, we enjoy creating precious memories together. We love to travel, enjoy the outdoors, camping, biking, fishing, and just having fun. It is true what they say, that "It takes a village", and we are so lucky to have a village as beautiful as we do.


                                                   With Love,

                                                   Candi Sproat

About the Owner

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