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KiddieKlub's infant classroom is dedicated to providing your infant a warm, secure, and stimulating environment. Trust and communication are built between caregivers and parents to ensure the best care possible. Curriculum, activities, and schedules are adapted to each individual child to create consistency between home and school.


The Toddler classroom is separated into younger and older rooms. The young class is designed for children who have reached their walking milestones and are exploring the fascinating world around them. The older room has plenty of space, books, and toys ensure these little guys have everything they need to grow, develop, and graduate to KiddieKlub's Preschool program.


The Preschool classroom is also separated into a younger and older room. At the preschool age, children are striving for independence, eager to learn new skills, and learning to work with their peers. KiddieKlub's educated staff and well-rounded curriculum provide the perfect environment for this level of development. Your child will experience important cooperative activities, an integrated phonics program, and an introduction to computers.




The PreK classroom expands upon the foundations laid in our Preschool classroom in order to fully prepare them for the exciting step of beginning Kindergarten. The students will continue with more in-depth math, science, social studies, literacy, art, and music activities. Word families, sight words, and beginner reading books are added to our phonics program.


Our Approach

Our curriculum is designed around our early childhood philosophy, which focuses on educating the whole child and encouraging each child to develop at their own pace. Through fun & interactive, open-ended, hands-on activities, our goal is to create experiences that will encourage creative thinking, problem-solving, and motivate intrinsic learning to build confident, kind, and independent learners whose early skills will set them up for success and develop a love for learning they will carry with them through life. 

What Parents Think

"Kiddie Klub is everything and more. Finding a daycare is so difficult. We are very familiar with the struggle of not only finding availability, but finding a place you love and trust. We now have both kids enrolled in their program and couldn’t be more impressed. From cleanliness to curriculum, they handle everything in a professional manner while making the environment so fun and friendly. We love the up to date daily reports through their convenient app and appreciate all the “extras” like splash day, amazing athletes, and holiday parties to name a few. Kids go outside on the impressive playground twice a day and do daily artwork. We love it and are so thankful for the facility and staff!"

- Kruse & Boston's Mom

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